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So it only took just over two years… but finally, the new site is here!

I haven’t just been sleeping for two years. I got married, got pregnant, had a baby boy, had a nap, got pregnant again, now awaiting my baby girl.

In that time I also started making and selling baby clothes, selling and making jewellery, did a few photoshoots (I’m also a photographer for those who didn’t know) and have been doing property investment and sourcing this year. So I’ve been busy…

I hope you’ll like the new site, your constructive feedback┬áis more than welcome and any suggestions for posts you would like in the future, is also welcome… i.e setting up emails, mail campaigns, how to write web content etc… I’m here to help!

I look forward to hearing from you…

Also, please subscribe so you are kept up to date with the blog, future discounts and new packages.

Take care and stay groovy!