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Domains & Hosting


Before we design your website you need to consider you Domains and Hosting:

  • what Domain name you want to use (, etc)
  • what type of Web Hosting you require (size, mailboxes etc.)

Web Hosting is a service provided to store web pages and files. We offer physical space allowing your webpages to be seen on the Internet. We also provide Domain names, essential to having any website online. If you are interested in the new extensions available please contact me for availability and a quote. (.london .business .clothing .solutions .limited .photography etc.)

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A domain name is a unique name that identifies an internet resource such as a website. There are many different extensions you can have for your domain name, most commonly .com or More recently new extensions have been created. They are slightly more expensive but they allow you to tailor them to your specific industry. For example .photography .solutions .clothing and a lot more.

Web Hosting is a service providing space on the internet for your website to be viewed. Web Hosting allows others to see your site, once it is uploaded to your chosen URL or Domain name. Without Web Hosting no one would ever see your site.

If you have a business or organisation name in mind, you should purchase a domain name as soon as possible to avoid someone else getting to it before you. Once you know what you require your site for and have some content prepared, you should purchase your hosting. I always recommend networking as soon as you have your domain name purchased. Print your business cards with your professional website and professional email address and have a ‘Holding Page’ ready for any early visitors.