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Its just what I've always done, but now with a language that relies heavily on punctuation!...

Kylie Lyseight – Founder of k28k 

Why Websites & Design?…

Years ago I started a business that required a website. I designed myself a website and people kept saying, “cool site, who made that for you?”… Feeling proud, I’d say ‘Me..’ and that is how I became a website designer… 

Back story of how did I know how to make a website?… Well I taught myself. I also had the benefit ofbeing encouraged to find solutions and thats what I do within k28k. Not only do we create a website for you, but we make sure the site is going to serve you as an artist, business person, professional or blogger, as much as possible.

  • Web Designer 90% 90%
  • Photographer 90% 90%
  • Mother of two 100% 100%
  • Person who like helping people 100% 100%